Sonicaid SR Digital Doppler

• Big numbers & trace displayed in high resolution colour
• Multi-functional display
• Data storage on micro SD cards
• High sensitivity probes
• Dynamic digital noise reduction

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Combining best performance in probe sensitivity, audio clarity and a new visual representation of the fetal heart rate. The colour screen displays provides a BIG NUMBERS view and
when required an innovative TRACE view, enabling intermittent auscultation examinations to be displayed as a trace.

The BIG NUMBERS mode displays the heart rate in a high contrast colour for optimum visibility, making it easy to see at arm’s length, or in water birth environments. The clear backlit display reduces the risk of miss reading the fetal heart rate, especially in dimly lit environments. Its new 2MHz and 3MHz probes provide enhanced fetal heart detection and audio clarity. Using our revolutionary Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system, hiss and crackle while searching for fetal heart are eliminated, more importantly it reduces noise and so provides optimum heart rate detection.