Heine XP® Disposable Laryngoscope Blade

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The disposable Laryngoscope Blade features the HEINE® Classic+ blade shape of the world´s best-selling integral Fiber Optic blade. With proper use the disposable XP blade avoids cross-infection from one patient to the next.

  • No danger of cross-infection.
  • Hygienic and safe.
  • Optimum light transmission by oversize light guide.
  • Extremely bright: Highest level of illuminance with HEINE 2.5?V or 3.5?V LED illuminance within laryngoscope insert.
  • Blade shape optimized to ease the passage of the tube.
  • Patient-friendly with reduced risk of injury or damage to teeth.
  • Extreme torsional stiffness, practically unbreakable.
  • Blades do not “freeze” or stick to the tongue at low temperatures.
  • Compatible with all handles to the ISO 7376 (green standard).