ARGYLE™ Umbilical Vessel Catheters

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Designed with both the patient and the clinician in mind, ARGYLE™ Umbilical Vessel Catheters (UVC) sets the standard of care for premature infants. The ARGYLE™ product portfolio includes single, dual and triple lumen UVCs and a full line of NEO-SERT™ insertion trays. All products are latex and DEHP free. UVCs benefit the patient by reducing the need for painful venipunctures and provides double or triple the access of a single lumen catheter. This allows simultaneous multiple therapies from one device. The NEO-SERT™ insertion trays provide everything needed for the procedure in one preassembled disposable tray. The UMB-E™ catheter anchor provides a convenient, safe and secure way to anchor umbilical catheters.